A Space in Time

One thing is forever infinite in life
People will persevere to knock you down
But the resilience will just increase
And the king shall wear the crown

A jealous mind turns easily shallow
Empty words used to make you cry
Invisible strangers use free will for offence
I shall use it as fuel to fly

As with sad being used to bring out the happy,
Critical is used to bring up the best
Only the future can be re-written
Unjustified insults are used as a test

Lack of understood breeds humoured insult
Honesty is a gift but abuse is attack
A hollow joke hits a hard shell
Gets through defence, but doesn’t knock back

Everyone’s acceptance I don’t want to achieve
I’m just a simple man with a story to tell
When it comes to wearing my heart on my sleeve,
Then for that, maybe I’m guilty as hell.

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