Sky is blue, sea is green, we know this,
It’s always beautiful, don’t ask me how,
To appreciate this and beat Anxiety,
The secret is, to just allow

Just bring on the thoughts and feelings,
The common trap is to try and resist,
Good and bad thoughts are the same,
If you fight them, they will persist

Don’t try and question or ban your mind,
Punishing yourself with pain won’t succeed,
A thought is just a thought, that’s it,
Let it come, stay, while you proceed

Nothing is a hundred percent true and certain,
Try not to engage or question your being,
Living with a little anxiety won’t kill you,
Lift up your head, life’s all about seeing

Don’t ever feel bad to be happy,
It feels more natural to laugh than to cry,
Guilt is just a wasted emotion,
Give way to yourself and watch it fly,

Just a thought, a thought can’t change the world,
The minds not magic, there’s no anxiety spell,
To beat unwanted thoughts less is always more,
Just allow, and you will burst out of your shell.


This piece of work come to be when I thought maybe I should lighten the mood a little, but still keeping it real.
I try to keep away from preaching to people or giving advice as it’s not my place, but I try and mix my current mood with showing people what worked for me.

Allowing yourself to live, for me was step one. Why shouldn’t I be happy? Where does the guilt come from, just my mind and thoughts.

Trusting myself is a big part of making the right decisions. If it feels right do it, proceed, share your ideas to the world. Create instead of criticise, to others and to yourself.

Live and die with memories not just dreams.

If you like this one check out my previous poems.

Chris Chant.









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