Back Thought

Back Thought

From now on I will not judge myself,
Some people will judge me,
But I’m just a little lost inside and out,
Finding my own way,
Sometimes I act outside the norm,
In public I’m doing my best just to be there,
The first impression really worries me,
These thoughts make me anxious,
I predict bad things happening,
Usually my magical thinking never comes true,
Though spoken offence confirms my false reality,
What others do I can’t control,
I shouldn’t act as I feel others think,
This is my problem,
I feel a failure before I leave the house,
Need to learn not to always react,
And no longer will I Judge myself,
These are just intrusive thoughts,
In time my thinking will be clear

(Now read from bottom upwards)

It’s not worth wondering how your mind became to be this way. Its a unique magical entity but with a flaw.
A flaw can be changed, a learnt way unlearned, a messy head to a wondrous imagination.


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