Dark Rainbow

As used on ‘Poetry Space’ Summer showcase, poetry magazine.

Dark Rainbow

Born to see the world in colour
Emotion is a life liberator
Easy to cave to pained feelings
Thoughts shadowed by mind dictator

Faceless like a doll, existing
Wishing away life in static years
Talk hits void and rebounds
Escape from dark with lonely tears

Stranded in a cold space
Staying still, no reaction, a dream
Stuck in a neutral mind
Heart organ, plays a scream

Become a diagram of former self
Outlined and soulless
Anxious of sane normality
Glimpses of emotion leaves a mess

Ignoring same social attempts
Loneliness breeds isolation
Hands used as ear survivor’s

Constant noise brings irritation
External self on top of the world
Internal, settled, bottom of ocean
Constantly justify life’s position

In logical terms without emotion
One true feeling felt is fear
Taste, love, touch, is it real?
To see life in black and white
Not the colours needed to heal.


The moments where you stand still and realise everything is grey to you. The suns out shining, blue sky, flowers abundance but the mind is still shut down to the happy elements.
To move out of that hole and feeling there has to be some colour in your life, even if it’s glimpses, just to feel the heat of happiness and still feel the need and hope to be able to heal and come back.
To see things as others do, bright and lively and to be able to join in with that shade of life.




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