Missing Poster

In an environment among poor sanitation
Responsible adults on permanent vacation
Living in squalor, though I’m alive
A perfect base for anxiety to thrive
Didn’t anyone notice me silently there
Treated like this, higher quality in care
Timing is sharp, a cut of a knife
Left stranded, most important years of my life

One set of clothes and shoes on my feet
Broken bed where I had to sleep
Is this real, are people not seeing?
The withdrawn look of a young human being
Just one constant thought, who’s to blame?
Wrong size clothes at school, hell the shame
Left in my own festering hole
Anxiety had won, no fight left for control

Could have been worse, so I’ve been told
Should’ve face my own issues two-fold
No-one to look for, no end in sight
A mental health issue, that took all my fight
Should have shrunk deeper and really hid
No-one wants to be the strange weird kid

Loved and neglected, not a way to live
You learn to grow, learn to forgive
Had no encouragement, never been praised
The worst way for a kid like me to be raised
Teenage years became hell, dread each day
Thought my sadness would’ve gave it away
Playing the hands that other people were dealt
For some ignorance is bliss and that’s how it felt.

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