Fade in Out

Looming Fear, an impending swell
Frightened roots deep where we’re stood
Split second dread, first threat to answer
Realtime emotions float like deadwood

Reality can’t be enforced by hand,
Laboured or willed by distorted hope
Sophisticated downpipes breathe in to motion
Time the saviour, God to fears pope

Skills of tolerance, a tip-toe diligence
Controlled assessment of sudden intrusion
Angst takes cover, panics to onslaught
Whispers fake truths to flood collusion

A cloned battle, a repeated saga
A duped program with a locked-in end
A million assaults fought and lost
The source is dread, an imitation friend

Protecting its presumed vulnerable keeper,
Fiend feels its first judgement is fact
Reset button admits no prolonged affect,
The flawed worn pathway holds intact

Patience is key to a durable resolve
New paths weaved, the old ones beckon
The hostile mind idles for a lifetime
This multiple event transpires in a second

Tolerate an uncomfortable vision,
Wait it out, for frights broken clasp
Patience and time is fears lone rival
For all eternity until the final gasp.

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