Set Free

Save myself by creating heartbreak
Ending affection for ending sake
Not personal, a quick draw decision
Wouldn’t of lasted, said my premonition
Of a close soul breaking my heart
To escape I quickly force it apart
Convinced my dark vision is true
Before it’s me I’ll end it with you
Romance is dead but the pain lives
Couldn’t control the doubt love gives,
living life with stop and starts
Short lived dates and broken hearts

The one set loose will find a match
To with feelings, there is no catch
No pits of empty days or sorrow
No happy one day, down tomorrow
By then the jealously creeps to bite
Thinking about them close at night
With an anxious mind it’s hard to confide
The insecurity locked inside

Can’t commit to time or to lust
Defences are high in the aspect of trust
Testing to see who will try and return
Loneliness the only lesson to learn
Always looking for my that one salvation
Who saves me from my false self preservation

First Thoughts

Echoes in the mind
Flow rampant, encircling
Affecting most prominent responses
Albeit listened
It is unmoving
Though unnerving

The primary speaks truth
Imitations less reliant
Consistent in its perseverance

A skimming stoneĀ 
Simmering to a sunken weight
Dead in the water
Sits of an innocence
Vibrating ripples of continuanceĀ 


Run run run away
The thread is wearing thin
Escape escape escape this place
No one knows where you’ve been

Flee flee flee this hole
Don’t know what you might find
Help help help yourself
Take possession of your mind

Change change change direction
Squeeze the blood out from your hand
Free free free the poison
Maybe now you’ll understand.

Pirates of the Soul

Swoops down seeking buried treasure
Love and angst, pirates of the soul
A timeless mutiny at the minds leisure
A trespassers paradise, a castaway troll

Violins play the music of the lost
Orchestrated wholesome, plays in a soft key
Capture traitors to the ailing, at any cost
Tsunami erupts as gallows blows free

Distracted and evaporated, starboard decks blown
Free will evacuated, biding its time
Life boat hatched, invasion well known
Waiting for the skirmish, waiting for the sign

Sails raised, waves carry ship to shore
Flags raised, revenge sets to board
Pirates pillage until truth reduced to crawl
Rescues flairs pulled and raised it soared

A shipwreck shattered but not broken
Released at last, steered from sharp reef
Small victory won but never spoken
Set sail again to ride the waves of grief.

Fade in Out

Looming Fear, an impending swell
Frightened roots deep where we’re stood
Split second dread, first threat to answer
Realtime emotions float like deadwood

Reality can’t be enforced by hand,
Laboured or willed by distorted hope
Sophisticated downpipes breathe in to motion
Time the saviour, God to fears pope

Skills of tolerance, a tip-toe diligence
Controlled assessment of sudden intrusion
Angst takes cover, panics to onslaught
Whispers fake truths to flood collusion

A cloned battle, a repeated saga
A duped program with a locked-in end
A million assaults fought and lost
The source is dread, an imitation friend

Protecting its presumed vulnerable keeper,
Fiend feels its first judgement is fact
Reset button admits no prolonged affect,
The flawed worn pathway holds intact

Patience is key to a durable resolve
New paths weaved, the old ones beckon
The hostile mind idles for a lifetime
This multiple event transpires in a second

Tolerate an uncomfortable vision,
Wait it out, for frights broken clasp
Patience and time is fears lone rival
For all eternity until the final gasp.


Smashing fist of glory
Suits a label for the sinners
Smell the scent softly
Embrace the giving foundations
Pictures not reality of future
Pick a point to rant on
Is it true the pieces
Put together by poisoned clouds
Skyed up to vertigo places
Produce face swells above the trees

Look down on peasants
Worth the dignity of failure
Pay the money to fit the frame
Independence cost higher than life
Love steals what’s left unbroken
Sold for prophet, displayed for fun
Busy nights turn long and eager
Praying, not the only one
Bowed down to the light
Playing traitor with the dark
Trust becomes a stranger
Empathy a foreign body
Awakes loud through touch

Forward thinking

First thoughts I dispense with caution
Notion with an ironic flaw
A split second occurrence
With no stage for reflection
Containing irrational undertones

Speed ‘Becomes’ essence

Dismay is uncontrolled

Outlines feasible complications

Conversation is to-be heeded

True words believed, transpire with time


Character prevails via choices

Shaped by unrushed competence

Instant verbs evolve and mature

Sharp decisions cease to race

Knowledgeable peace combines

Sheds light on existence

Judgement swallowed by reality

Being misconceived becomes scarce

Harmony elected with a mutual dignity