Telling someone you love them, with uncertainty of the answer, is the bravest of the brave.

A silent response can kill a person, a whispered split second produces a thousand thoughts, breaking a million hearts.

Baring all but not to recieve, Love, feelings, emotions, makes giving the hardest choice, speaking truth the hardest voice.

Don’t underestimate, behind every quiet voice is a chaotic mind, who may shake to start with but will end in full force.

Speaking your mind when you don’t trust yourself is the toughest barrier to break. Defences are high, comfort is safer in silence.

Don’t speak with malice, speak with imagination, humour, and for defence. Believe in your truth, the truth of the world around you, what you seek will find you and stand by your side.

Anxiety rocks a society


The days seem twice as long
Tired and withdrawn for the most part
People talk, words don’t sink in
Smile on the outside; worry in the heart

Not sure where the fear comes from
Can’t seem to control the minds reaction
The thoughts increase the state of doubt
Alarms bells constant; a silent klaxon

A premonition with a negative tone
Or Words someone once said
Blurry visions of repeated history
All lock the chains inside the head

Questions where there’s no solution
Searching for a hundred percent certainty
Stuck and wired on the same stressed channel
Out of focus, streaming pain for eternity

The monkey on the back whispering taunts
Ruining potential throughout younger years
Not many options left, live or die
Die in peace, or live with the soul in tears

What an irony, anxiety keeping you safe
The panic buries the soul, beneath the ground
Leaving life in a deep willed protected illusion
But really lost to the world, waiting to be found


It’s not a joke that worried look
And yes there’s such a thing as the blues
Smirking and sneering darkens my colour
This shade is not something I chose

I just need an ear to listen
It hurts when people speak over me
I prefer silence to any advice
Any hint of angst I’ll turn and flee

It’s a feeling not something you see
An invisible monster using sorrow as food
I don’t envy happy or joyous people
Just appreciate when I’m not in the mood

It’s probably really hard to understand
Even harder to try and explain
While you see no wounds on me
My soul is in complete and full pain

Just because I have this and not you
Doesn’t mean it’s not there or real
I’d give anything if just for five minutes
People tried to understand how I feel

Though you feel awkward when I am near
Hard to speak too with no response or sound
I also feel awkward and I’m afraid
That one day your stop coming around

Depression is a word where eyes roll
With sympathy it’s crossed off the list
People treat it the same as how I feel
Which is wishing I just didn’t exist.

Colour blind

Its a horrible place to be,
When cries for help are not heard,
Even though I’m silently spoken,
I say it with a written word

It’s a void empty place, your mind,
The rational side has been sent,
Too hard for others to comprehend,
How I felt before the event

An idea that sticks, a plan to escape,
From life and this mortal coil,
Make peace with myself and the world,
Lay down early and be one with the soil

A point of no return or light,
The feeling that it won’t get any better,
I’m sure of it myself, but can’t speak,
So I leave it in a belated letter

To feel in this state seemed impossible
Hearing other achieving makes it feel real,
Clouds the mind with doubt and injustice,
Current plans and thoughts bring up a chill

Left behind would be unconditional love,
But I’m blind behind my tormented mask,
Maybe I have to go there to come back,
To seek help and be able to ask.

A Space in Time

One thing is forever infinite in life
People will persevere to knock you down
But the resilience will just increase
And the king shall wear the crown

A jealous mind turns easily shallow
Empty words used to make you cry
Invisible strangers use free will for offence
I shall use it as fuel to fly

As with sad being used to bring out the happy,
Critical is used to bring up the best
Only the future can be re-written
Unjustified insults are used as a test

Lack of understood breeds humoured insult
Honesty is a gift but abuse is attack
A hollow joke hits a hard shell
Gets through defence, but doesn’t knock back

Everyone’s acceptance I don’t want to achieve
I’m just a simple man with a story to tell
When it comes to wearing my heart on my sleeve,
Then for that, maybe I’m guilty as hell.