Pirates of the Soul

Swoops down seeking buried treasure
Love and angst, pirates of the soul
A timeless mutiny at the minds leisure
A trespassers paradise, a castaway troll

Violins play the music of the lost
Orchestrated wholesome, plays in a soft key
Capture traitors to the ailing, at any cost
Tsunami erupts as gallows blows free

Distracted and evaporated, starboard decks blown
Free will evacuated, biding its time
Life boat hatched, invasion well known
Waiting for the skirmish, waiting for the sign

Sails raised, waves carry ship to shore
Flags raised, revenge sets to board
Pirates pillage until truth reduced to crawl
Rescues flairs pulled and raised it soared

A shipwreck shattered but not broken
Released at last, steered from sharp reef
Small victory won but never spoken
Set sail again to ride the waves of grief.

Fade in Out

Looming Fear, an impending swell
Frightened roots deep where we’re stood
Split second dread, first threat to answer
Realtime emotions float like deadwood

Reality can’t be enforced by hand,
Laboured or willed by distorted hope
Sophisticated downpipes breathe in to motion
Time the saviour, God to fears pope

Skills of tolerance, a tip-toe diligence
Controlled assessment of sudden intrusion
Angst takes cover, panics to onslaught
Whispers fake truths to flood collusion

A cloned battle, a repeated saga
A duped program with a locked-in end
A million assaults fought and lost
The source is dread, an imitation friend

Protecting its presumed vulnerable keeper,
Fiend feels its first judgement is fact
Reset button admits no prolonged affect,
The flawed worn pathway holds intact

Patience is key to a durable resolve
New paths weaved, the old ones beckon
The hostile mind idles for a lifetime
This multiple event transpires in a second

Tolerate an uncomfortable vision,
Wait it out, for frights broken clasp
Patience and time is fears lone rival
For all eternity until the final gasp.

Mental health poetry

To be Loved

Choose life or a peaceful solitude,
But need sometimes outweigh the plan,
Passion is life pushing boundaries,
Obsessed with beauty held in hand

Sleepless nights and wandering,
The hunger seems to turn to greed,
When hit with beauty, can’t hold back,
Living with urgency excels the need

Usually hiding, now seen with you,
To miss a day seems a waste,
A retaliated look plants the seed,
Nights last kiss a long-lasting taste

Physical and mental restraint,
Jealousy raises its moody head,
Especially in younger years,
Fight or flight, I always fled

Options of being alone, no drama,
Paranoia, begin to question all,
How can they possibly love me back?
Have to trust, catch me if I fall

Vulnerable for all to see,
Willing to fight friends for no reason,
Becomes the forefront of life’s meaning,
Could burn the world and commit treason

Amazing what the soul will do,
A desperate heart begs and pleads,
Past thoughts act as an emotional bully,
Silently fight on as the soul bleeds

If you care then set them free?
Not natural to let life soar above,
If the pull is strong and you believe,
Never let go of that one true love.





The mind is adept at its own pretence
When a foreseeable ending claws at its sense
Rapid spate of change is hard to allow
Crystal clear thoughts deviate from the brow
An uncontrolled destined moment in time
Perspectives of honesty bring up the divine
Amnesiac spaces previous and after
Brings the transition not nearer nor faster

Change sparks defence to raise fully clad
Denial, like a sane man humouring the mad
A rapid such ending wretches the soul
Pulls what we possess to never let go
Our sleepless gut instinct repulses the last
Repelling an echo of struggles near past
For even the efficient an ending feels strange
A limbo state not desiring to change

An unconscious unknown steadily beckons
Lifetime of intake, although its just seconds
Confusion is ripe though doesn’t persist
Without endings your presence wouldn’t exist
On ponder a moment which presents a choice
An alternate view to retain a lost voice
Reflect to proceed, an perceptive mind wins
Determine an ending, is where a new first begins.


 Awaiting inside when you’re born
Awakes from slumber at any age
Mutates into many sly forms
Adopts a method to slide from its cage

Feeds insecurities with whimpering tales
Controls from within, it must speak truth
Vocation to protect, although always fails
Lays seeds of doubt in minds of youth

Check, wash, clean, obsess on thoughts
Displays futures that couldn’t exist
A freedom collapse, never gets caught
Can’t reject compulsion, or fear persists

Not a creature notice or sees
How an OCD mind clouds and clears
Beg for a waking mass of peace
Only your design knows and hears

A false protector, a damned ally
For crowded years, the only truth known
Notified to check again and ask why?
Replies family be dispatched, be all alone

To save others, you produce the sacrifice,
Of running disconnected mean tasks
Has no consequence, only in your life
Can’t help but continue, all that it asks

Forsaken on a bottomless ledge
To avoid, it makes the host pay
Not living life, just on the edge
When the host denies, it adapts to stay

An expert of charm and seduction
Lures you to pursue its crazy design
Fated to forever complete its function,
For I am its and it is mine.


Elegance as in beauty
Outline clear in light
Seeks a poignant space in time
Flickers dance with me
Forever one as two

Movement flies through air
Clouds practice in patience
Playing chess with the light
Passes leadership to the stars

Every shadow has its quest
Unknown entity
Towed for all eternity
Power to possess skills
Puppet to immortality
Staying within its boundary

One Calm Day

Thoughts and feelings are not fact
Don’t really need the signal to act
Need to learn not to react
To keep mind and body, safely intact

Thinking what is, not what if
Bringing reality back to solid ground
The beliefs are all built on myth
Always on repeat spinning round and round

Just one calm day, without the whispers and tears
Spoiling what could be, the best time in years
It doesn’t help, it’s not your friend, and it’s definitely not kind
The panic, the worry and the fear it creates, Is, after all, just thoughts of an OCD mind.