Breath in the demons that feed your nonsensical thoughts,
Breath out life with purity and hunger,
Be in control of the natural system built to guide but not choose,
Slow down the cogs of reality to clear the rain from the views,
Change perspectives through lack of urgency, and more time for the wonder to illuminate and show itself,
Though it is a machine don’t see it as so, but as the giver of love, life and serenity.



We plead our ignorance of people

Until we open unselfishly to humanity,

Illuminate a life to lift a soul,

Apply our simplistic influential force of sincere acknowledgement,

Voice the oxygen that ignites the flame,

Of willing engagement,

Hear their words,

Contact the eyes,

Ask a name..

Found in the corner

A Human shape of dark gold,

picture of a fallen angel,

Though out of tears of humanity

comes beauty,

A Stage where the devil danced

sits a heart full of romance,

Skin cold to the touch,

narrow eyes say so much,

Demons plead to vanity

betraying oneself through insanity,

rages of a daggers thrust,

again, never be able to trust

Left at the bottom starved of humanity,

begging loud for sanity,

Mouth drying for life of hunger

physically harming to creep from slumber,

A soul of sugar succumbed to salt,

guilt embedded, self always at fault

Be the soul that Holds the hand

to Lift the person from the ground,

Acknowledge those Deep Blue eyes of fright,

buried inside hides a light