No Surrender

Stuck in a lifetime that won’t accept my vision
With mental illness it feels like I’m closer to reality
Others only see what’s in front of their face
Im frustrated their perspective is boundaried,
Blinkered, tunnel vision, seeing only in black and white

They are happy with that

Anxious minds can’t sit still, need to be stretched and challenged,
Imagination set free, be wild instead of socially tamed
Look at the world instead of four walls

Boredom is culpable

World passing by with each new day
Stay with the same or search for like minded individuals
Surrounded by the scared, my thoughts are all alone
Suffocated by negative when aspire to greatness

We are rare, few, forbidden from thinking our truth

Accused of madness, not normal
No wonder Anger issues with the mental frustration

People in front of the que are blind to my perception,
Living with no existence, leaving no trace
Open eyes that no longer see
Repressed folk suck the life out of the inspired
The media has suppressed the creative

Labelled for being a stranger in my own time

Frowned upon, scolded
Masses creating the word ‘stigma’ to separate themselves
Don’t listen to the ignorant
Nothing grows in the comfort zone

Be selfish, use your emotions given,
The next generation will love you for it,
Don’t ever get shown the door,
The anxious feeling is not a feeling of being lost,
It’s the longing of wanting more…

Anxiety rocks a society


The days seem twice as long
Tired and withdrawn for the most part
People talk, words don’t sink in
Smile on the outside; worry in the heart

Not sure where the fear comes from
Can’t seem to control the minds reaction
The thoughts increase the state of doubt
Alarms bells constant; a silent klaxon

A premonition with a negative tone
Or Words someone once said
Blurry visions of repeated history
All lock the chains inside the head

Questions where there’s no solution
Searching for a hundred percent certainty
Stuck and wired on the same stressed channel
Out of focus, streaming pain for eternity

The monkey on the back whispering taunts
Ruining potential throughout younger years
Not many options left, live or die
Die in peace, or live with the soul in tears

What an irony, anxiety keeping you safe
The panic buries the soul, beneath the ground
Leaving life in a deep willed protected illusion
But really lost to the world, waiting to be found